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You probably have many questions when it comes to your unplanned pregnancy. We are here to help you answer them so you can move forward with confidence.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the best time to take a pregnancy test is at least one week after your missed period. This gives your body time to produce the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).

Always follow up your home pregnancy test with one at our center to be sure of your results. Our team is here to offer pregnancy services and support at no cost to you.

We offer limited OB ultrasounds performed by trained medical staff. Depending on your individual situation, our center may offer limited obstetrical ultrasound at no charge to:

  • Detect fetal heartbeat
  • Determine fetal size and approximate due date
  • Determine single or multiple pregnancies
  • Determine the location of pregnancy (intrauterine v. ectopic)
  • Advise immediate medical attention at an emergency room if indicated

Please note that if you are experiencing health issues such as bleeding, spotting, or cramping, you should seek immediate medical attention. These could be symptoms of spontaneous abortion or miscarriage, and you may require further medical treatment.

You have three different pregnancy options to choose from: abortion, adoption, and parenting. Remember that no one can force you into making any decision about your pregnancy. You have the final say.

Walk through the potential process of each option and be informed so you can make a confident, informed decision. The more you understand, the clearer the decision could be for you. Our compassionate team can talk through all your options with you if you’d like more support.

Absolutely. We are here for women and men who need extra care during an unplanned pregnancy. Our services and support are at no cost to you.

Know my state.
Know my options.


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