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Did you recently have unprotected sex? Do you think you may be experiencing early pregnancy symptoms? We understand how nerve-racking this can seem, but you are not alone. 

Some women experience signs like nausea, tender breasts, or major fatigue. Take a pregnancy test to be sure and follow it up with another test at our center today. We can answer your questions along the way, and help you gain the clarity you need.

Common Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you had a positive home pregnancy test or are experiencing common symptoms of pregnancy, you may be asking, “Am I pregnant?” Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ve missed a period
  • I feel like throwing up sometimes
  • My breasts feel tender
  • I have to pee more often
  • I’m more tired than usual
  • I’m having mood swings
  • I feel nauseous

Although not everyone experiences these signs, these pregnancy symptoms are commonly associated with early pregnancy. Most tests you can buy are very reliable, but only a physician or other medical professional can confirm that you are pregnant.

Schedule an appointment at our center for a free pregnancy test today.

Confirm Your Results

Have you already taken a few home pregnancy tests? Verify your home pregnancy test results with a free pregnancy test at our center. If your test is positive, we’ll refer you for an ultrasound. An ultrasound is important, as it will verify if you have a non life-threatening and healthy pregnancy. 

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, we can inform you more about all your pregnancy options and help answer your questions and concerns. 

A Pregnancy Consultation 

Contact us about a no-cost consultation to take a pregnancy test. We’re here for you, especially when navigating an unplanned pregnancy. Discuss all your options with us as well. 

We offer non-judgmental and caring support and services so you can take your next step in your pregnancy journey. You got this.

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What is a Medical Abortion?

Are you thinking of abortion as you navigate an unplanned pregnancy? We know it feels like a whirlwind right now, but you are not alone. Medical abortion, also known as the abortion pill, involves taking two drugs that terminate an existing pregnancy.  Learn the facts when it comes to medical abortion, along with the risks.

What Are the Risks of the Abortion Pill?

An unplanned pregnancy can feel confusing with your many questions about pregnancy options. We’re here to better inform you about the risks of the abortion pill. A couple of physical risks to this type of abortion include infection or heavy and prolonged bleeding.  The serious risks come due to the serious nature of a medical

I’ve Already Had An Abortion And Don’t Want Another One. What Are My Options?

You’ve already had an abortion, and you find yourself pregnant again. For numerous reasons, you have decided abortion is not your best choice.  There are two other options available to you: adoption or parenting. Both provide their own set of benefits as well as challenges. 1. Parenting Making the choice to parent can seem overwhelming